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    Saturday, to 10:00 am

    Guided meditation that is open to everyone!

    Guided meditation is an excellent starting point for beginners. A meditation practice involves focusing the mind on the present moment and self-awareness, both of which can be difficult for someone used to letting the mind wander. Our society is a hurried and goal-oriented one, so taking time to simply be in the moment — not actively doing something or solving some problem — can seem impossible. Meditating with a guide will provide direction. You can follow the voice and instructions of the guide, which provides a distraction from other intruding thoughts.

    Room #106. You may enter through either The Recovery Store or there is a back entrance and additional parking behind the building.

  • The Meeting Space #106

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    6115 S Rainbow Blvd #106
    Las Vegas, NV 89118

  • Updated February 18, 2020