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    Saturday, to 4:30 pm

    • In-person

    A Course in Miracles has been called "AA on steroids." While it uses Christian terminology, it is truly Spiritual in practice. This class teaches how to listen and follow the Inner Guidance of your Higher Power within. How to practice true forgiveness and heal. Co-Ed Meditation/Open Discussion/Book Study meeting is for everyone in any fellowship wanting to practice Step 11 on a deeper level. It is a book study as well and copies of the book are available in The Recovery Store if you don't already have one.

    This meeting has been going on for many years. Room #104. May enter room to the left of the store or in rear of building and for additional parking.

  • The Meeting Space #104

    21 other meetings at this location

    6115 S Rainbow Blvd #104
    Las Vegas, NV 89118

    To the LEFT of The Recovery Store

  • Updated May 19, 2022