Come visit us at The Meeting Space and The Recovery Store here in Las Vegas at the corner of Rainbow & Patrick!

There are 89 weekly meetings on the schedule for you to attend at the time that works best for you!

If you have a group that needs a new location, contact us (see below) to see if we have a time slot that works for you! Also, if you want to START a NEW meeting, you must have 2 (preferably 3) people committing to that time slot, so that if one of you cannot show, the meeting will still be a stable starter.

* Located at 6115 S. Rainbow Blvd #103, 104, 106 & 107 (Rainbow/Patrick) 89118 (next to The Recovery Store (105))


Room 103: Can fit 125+ people. Has Audio/Video Setup. Great for workshops, events, parties, club night, seminars, classes, etc
(to the left of The Recovery Store)

Room 104: Can fit 65+ people.
(to the left of The Recovery Store)

Room 106: Can fit 45+ people
(Through The Recovery Store to the back)

Room 107: Can fit 100+ people & has Glass Enclosed Semi-soundproof Child Playroom!
(to the left of The Recovery Store)

All Four Rooms Feature:
* Comfortable High Quality chairs!
* High Speed Wi-Fi internet * Bus stops right in front of location!
* Great area – safe, attractive, and blocks away from the 215!
* There are 89 weekly meetings on the schedule
* Handicapped accessible! * Three spacious bathrooms!
* Shopping center with lots of local restaurants for fellowship!
* Lockers for your meeting!
* Coffee provided (filtered direct water line into the machine!) & filtered cold/hot water with Reverse Osmosis!
* Coffee Bean & Subway in the same shopping center – steps from The Meeting Space!
* The Recovery Store is right next door!!! Best prices for meeting chips and yearly medallions!

Do you have a meeting that needs a new location? Open to all 12 Step programs! Currently, we have Alcoholics Anonymous, Debtors Anonymous, Emotions Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Anorexics & Bulimics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Food Addicts Anonymous, Adult Children of Alcoholics & Disfunctional Relationships, Crystal Meth Anonymous, Al-Anon, Nar-Anon,Refuge Recovery and are really wanting other programs to join our schedule. There are lots of open slots left!

If your meeting hasn’t already signed up for the schedule to join us or if you are ready to start a new one, please contact us at Seven-Zero-Two-Six-Seven-Zero-Zero-One-One-Zero!

OPEN! Tell your friends 🙂