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Is it selfish to take care of yourself? Have boundaries? Is Selflessness not caring about yourself? How do we take care of ourselves in recovery and be there for others without going to either extreme?

So much covered in this show it had to be split into two parts! 

This Week’s Episode features Timber Hawkeye (scroll down for

 Timber Hawkeye is the bestselling author of Buddhist Boot
Camp, Faithfully Religionless, and The Opposite of Namaste. His books and the
Buddhist Boot Camp Podcast offer a secular mindfulness practice to be at peace
with the world (both within and around us).


His intention is to awaken, enlighten, enrich, and inspire.

A recent interview that briefly sums it all up:

“After trying to find traditional success, love, and
happiness by working in Corporate America for over a decade, marrying and
divorcing young, and living in a condo with designer clothes and a sports car,
Timber Hawkeye looked at his imported Italian furniture one day and realized
Tyler Durden was right: the things you own end up owning you, and it’s not
until you lose everything that you are free to do anything. So, Timber quit his
job, sold everything he ever owned, and moved to Hawaii with just a backpack
and the intention to live a simple and uncomplicated life. 

With nothing but newfound time on his hands, Timber
simultaneously studied world religions and psychology to better understand what
people believe and why we believe what we do. The journey that started with
letting go of worldly possessions, quickly evolved into shedding outdated
ideologies as well, old opinions, and emotional attachments. Before long,
Timber found himself living in a Buddhist monastery, sitting in front of a
Tibetan Lama, and saying, ‘With all due respect, I don’t believe the Buddha
ever intended for his teachings to get THIS complicated!’

 Luckily, the teacher looked around at all the statues of
deities with multiple arms and chuckled, ‘The Buddha didn’t do this, Timber,
the Tibetan culture did; this is their way. Why don’t you try Zen? I think you
would like it.’


True to form, Timber didn’t simply read a book about Zen Buddhism,
he moved into a Zen monastery for the complete experience. Although it was
certainly simpler, the teachings were still full of the dogma that sent him
running from organized religion in the first place. The nagging question that
changed everything for him was: why the monastic robes? Why not simply be the
guy in town with the bright eyes? And today, that’s exactly who I met. In fact,
when I asked Timber if he still considers himself a Buddhist, he said, ‘I am
many things, but not one of them defines me.’

 Timber was born Jewish, ordained Buddhist, uses a Hindu
mantra, and his morning meditation is a Catholic prayer. His altar at home
features a statue of Jesus, one of the Buddha, another of Saint Francis of
Assisi, and they get along just fine. On paper, Timber Hawkeye is a bestselling
author, a podcast producer, a publisher, and an international public speaker,
but in person, he is just another friendly face in town.


 Hawkeye’s first book, Buddhist Boot Camp, is a collection of
journal entries and letters from Hawaii that he had sent to friends over the
course of eight years. Even though each chapter is only a page long, it
beautifully shares a secular and non-sectarian approach to being at peace with
the world (both within and around us). His follow-up memoir, Faithfully
Religionless, offers an intimate glimpse into an extraordinary life filled with
insight and motivation. In a nutshell, it’s about letting go of the need to
know, the difference between feelings and emotions, the disparity between truths
and facts, and the countless benefits of mindful living.


 Timber’s books and the Buddhist Boot Camp Podcast invite us
to lead a life of purpose, congruence, and conviction. His intention is to
awaken, enlighten, enrich, and inspire, and I can vouch that reading his books
has done exactly that, not just for me, but for thousands all over the world.


 Read his books and listen to the Buddhist Boot Camp Podcast.
You’ll be glad you did.”


What do you do when you are an alcoholic or addict and are turned off by the “God” word in 12 step recovery? Today’s episode of The Real Recovery Show speaks to that! Andrew wore a mask (so funny) too – so as to protect anonymity.

Are you in recovery from alcohol and drugs? Have you been gaining weight, eating more? This is a very common thing. I often tell people, “first things, first. Deal with the drugs and alcohol first. It will either straighten out or, if you are like me, you had food addiction too and might need to hit it from more angles. The habits, socialization, food choices…. With Alcohol and Drugs, you don’t ever have to use them again. With food, it is a daily walk WITH what you struggle with.”
We did an episode on Surgery. Today’s is on Intermittent Fasting. And the people sharing are IN RECOVERY too from alcohol and drugs. 

This Episode talks about food addiction and body issues and how our programming needs to change.    It covers how to see if you have a problem and all about Gastric Sleeve Surgery with someone in recovery from drugs and alcohol who had the surgery and applied the tools of recovery to the experience!

This Week’s Episode 13:  Brainspotting is a powerful, focused treatment method that works by identifying, processing and releasing core neurophysiological sources of emotional/body pain, trauma, dissociation and a variety of other challenging symptoms.

In this episode, we interview two therapists who specialize in this modality as well as hear about personal experience healing from Trauma using Brainspotting.


This Week’s Episode 12: LGBTQ in addiction and in recovery.  Topics include Polyamory, Sex Addiction, LGBTQ Friendly meetings vs Regular ones, etc!

Episode 11: Questions and Answers in Recovery.  Two women with over 20 years each of sobriety answering questions from someone with 6 months and someone with 11 months!

Episode 9: Sober Living Houses in Las Vegas!

EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy for Recovery from PTSD!

*Warning – Profanity and R-rated dialogue.   This great episode is PART 2 of 2 episodes on this subject!  Porn Star and Playboy Model, Brittney Andrews, Circuit Stripper And Pole Dancing Competitor, Reagan and Ashley (former Stripper) and Lisa Trevino (former stripper) all share about Recovery and being in or out of the industry!  

*Warning – Profanity and R-rated dialogue.   This great episode is PART 1 of 2 episodes on this subject!  Porn Star and Playboy Model, Brittney Andrews, Circuit Stripper And Pole Dancing Competitor, Reagan and Ashley (former Stripper) and Lisa Trevino (former stripper) all share about Recovery and being in or out of the industry!  


An amazing and MOVING interview with Carter Sing on preventing Adolescent Addiction and with young women who got clean and sober at 20, 23, and 24 years old!

What are feelings for?  Changing the narrative and giving REAL TOOLS for processing and healing!

A thorough show on all aspects of the detox and rehab process, including insurance, peer support specialists, what to expect, etc!  Including an in-depth interview with Foundation for Recovery and Nestled Recovery!

An in-depth look at what addiction really looks like and what it takes to experience a “Bottom” without needing to lose your health, your family or your finances!

Our first episode!  A must see for anyone interested in speaking on the show or how we protect Anonymity and respect the traditions of Twelve Step Programs!

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Please watch the PILOT Episode BELOW which explains how to protect your Anonymity first if you are in a 12 step program.
And then please fill out an intake form by clicking here.


Dot interviewed Lisa Trevino on the topic of forgiveness of yourself or your parents on a special Mother’s Day show.

  This show inspired The Real Recovery Show to be created with a 52 week contract at PHLV Radio Station here in Las Vegas, NV!

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