Our Mission – 100% Recovery

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Our Mission – 100% Recovery

We are a Non-Profit 501c3 that focuses on Recovery from addiction, PTSD, and codependency!

What specific activities do we conduct?

Rehabilitation workshops, 113 WEEKLY 12 step meetings for a wide variety of addictions (a moderate percentage of attendees are court ordered to attend), codependency, support for family members of addicts, and PTSD recovery, as well as 2 WEEKLY anger management classes for men and women (most court ordered to attend), and special speaker events with authors on all of the above-mentioned topics to share their knowledge and teach the community, as well as outreach events to introduce the general public to what help is available and how to recognize if they or a loved one has a problem.

We also have a radio/tv internet show, “The REAL Recovery Show” where we have powerful explanations of the various aspects of what to expect, where to go for help, etc.  We also serve as a refuge for homeless people (who are lucid and trying to get off or stay off drugs and alcohol) to attend.   When someone comes to us needing to get court papers signed, we provide the process and the papers and teach them.  When someone comes to us needing to detox, we find them the right contacts or make the calls to help them get the help they need.  When someone is scared to go to their “first meeting,” we walk them through the process, ask them questions and assuage their concerns.  When they come in needing to talk because they are about to drink or relapse on drugs, we sit with them in a peer support manner.   We provide pamphlets and other forms of written information free of charge on all aspects of recovery.  We also provide literature at cost to the various meetings.

Many people have told us that we saved their lives….by providing a safe clean space, the communication and resources, and by staying open (we were declared an essential business during COVID by the County Commissioners office and kept open to work with the homeless, the people with PTSD, the people who would have used in isolation, and had volunteers with long term recovery helping.)

Who participates in the activities?

  For the 12 step events, peer volunteers in recovery facilitate their meetings, sometimes the Board (who are also in recovery with many years sober and clean off drugs and alcohol) runs them.  We run the workshops and community events such as Craft Fairs (where people in recovery can sell and show off their creations) and social events (where they can meet other like-minded solution-oriented people healing from addictions and afflictions.  All events for the recovery community are overseen by us to make sure that they are in alignment with the overall healing focus and recovery vision. 

  Attendees include court mandated people, people wanting help getting and staying sober off drugs and alcohol, homeless people who want help and refuge from the weather while they get help, people wanting to heal from PTSD and child abuse, and people needing support and tools to live with or assist those in their lives who are active in addiction or trying to be in recovery without enabling them.

  Because of our prime location, we serve not just local individuals seeking help, but also people who travel to and through Las Vegas on a regular basis.  

Where we conduct the activities?

 While we do outreach activities at other locations, we primarily have them all at our meeting room facility located at 6115 S. Rainbow BLVD, Las Vegas, NV 89118 in suites 103, 104 and 107 of a commercial store front.  107 includes a glass enclosed child padded playroom, so attendees of activities who are single parents can attend while watching their children in a way that does not disrupt the event.  103 has a projector and sound system for events that are more educational or celebratory.   We provide the tables, chairs, equipment, pamphlets, podiums, sound system, lockers, coffee machines, filtered water machines, and cleaning supplies.  We also are centrally located and have direct bus access with a stop right in front of our location.  We are the largest resource in the Southwest Las Vegas area.  Montevista, Serenity Club, and Church and Hospital meetings all closed during COVID and now we help the majority of people.

How often do these activities occur?

 Meetings run from 6:45am until the last one ends at 10:00pm and this is 7 days a week.  Workshops and special author or speaker events are usually held on the weekends, most specifically Saturdays.

What fees, if any, are charged and how we determine them?

  12 Step meetings pay $1 a person (unless it is the person’s very first meeting) and meeting sizes range as well…and there are time slots where there aren’t any meetings at all.  Some meetings are less than 10 people….the average meeting has 30 people in it and a few have about 80 people.

It is the Traditions of 12 step programs that they be self-supporting and so this has been the general agreed donation that meetings have used as a guideline for many years.  However, that does not cover enough of the expenses.  They would not able to run if they were “charged” more because they would not be able to afford it.  Meetings suggest that their attendees donate a dollar or more each and often times, the meeting doesn’t bring in enough money to pay us and other expenses they have. 

So, we need other methods of income to keep the place running.  We do have the ability for local businesses to rent a room for their business meetings and we charge $40-60 an hour for that. But that hasn’t really been happening since COVID and the energy devoted to that would detract from our main focus – helping the most people we can.  Honestly, we are struggling to pay bills and so any donation (tax deductable!) would help.  

What percentage of our time and resources we spend on the activities?

 Our lives are devoted to this effort.  The scheduling, the managing equipment, buying and stocking supplies, paying cleaning crew, having security, doing outreach, the show, workshops, scheduling meetings, updating internet and hard copy schedules, etc….and providing resources, books etc and keeping them in stock – we would say the majority of our time is dedicated to ensuring that the Las Vegas Recovery Community has a safe, clean “roof over their head” for the movement of healing to continue.

Where does your donation go?

We are not looking to receive the funds ourselves.  If there is a staff member working, they would receive an honest salary for an honest job.  Meaning, only what is necessary for the Meeting Space to do what it needs.  We are a non-profit devoted to helping people heal.

The purpose of the funds we receive are to pay the electric, security (ADT and guard), the electric lock system and maintenance, the cleaning crew, the supplies, rent, and premise maintenance for upkeep, including necessary repairs to keep the “roof over the head” mentioned before, and for possible child-care resources to further help parents in recovery.

Secondly, they are to pay for the workshops, literature, outreach flyers and promotion – so that attendees can come FOR FREE.   Since there are many who we help who are either homeless, without a car or license, or without employment, newly sober or just coming out of rehab or prison.  Free would help us reach the most people in the most effective manner.

Thirdly, funds pay for teachers to come and teach workshops on CPR, Trauma Yoga, Administration of Narcan (for drug overdoses), and healing from various mental issues, including but not limited to: Trauma, Codependency, Depression/Suicidal Ideations, Anger Management, healthy parenting etc.

What disaster relief services to we offer?

  We are declared an “essential business” and were allowed to remain open and assisting the needy during crisis even at the level of COVID.  We follow all mandates and during that time made sure everyone wore masks, kept seats separate by the rules, etc.  And while epidemics like COVID are to be taken serious, so is addiction.   Addiction and PTSD kills daily. 

We are at the front-line helping people heal from what makes them at risk of jails, institutions or death as well as helping them be less destructive in family and work environments.  Every day is a day we are “ON” to the issues in our country.  And now, with the legalization of Marijuana and the serious uptick in Fentanyl use and deaths, we are steering our efforts as well to incorporate recovery from both of those specifically.   

Thank you for reading this and considering us!  We help each other to help each other!  

In healing,
The Meeting Space